Signature Oils



Looking to beat that late afternoon crash? Our Energy blend is packed with CBG oil and will give you that boost without the effects of caffeine. Hit three o’clock like it is the beginning of the day.



The best tomorrow starts with a goodnights sleep. Our Sleep blend CBN hemp oil delivers relaxing, peaceful sleep without that morning groggy feeling. It is sure to provide you with the rest you need to conquer the tasks of tomorrow.



Everyday you make choices that affect whether you are leading a healthy fulfilling life. Our Wellness blend uses CBD hemp oil to help with your mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Fighting against stress, pain, and anxiety it helps bring balance to your life.

Our Entourage Pack includes three of our best sellers SLEEP, ENERGY, and WELLNESS. Our CBG and CBN 500mg bottles and your choice of flavor of 1000mg CBD bottle. The mix and match properties of these three cannabinoids is POWERFUL.